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What is Secret Benefits?

SecretBenefits is a revolutionary new online dating service for sugar babies and sugar daddies to start new relationships with benefits.

If you're wanting to date attractive people without all the bullshit, then simply sign in or create an account on our site to start to see how easy it is to find members who are looking for exactly the same thing as you.

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#1 Site to Find Amazing Sugar Babies

It's no surprise that our large following of happy secret benefit users never need to use another dating site again. If you're not willing to settle or accept a "normal" relationship, just wait until you start to use SecretBenefits and see how easy it is to find sugar babies.

Whether your looking for a sugar daddies with wealth, or an attractive women with ambitions, we are incredibly confident that you'll find someone you're interested in once you access this revolutionary sugar baby platform.

Tried sugar dating sites in the past and you were let down? Once you sign in to SecretBenefits you'll be greeted by tons of like-minded people looking to meet members just like you.

After you try SecretBenefits, we guarantee that you'll never need other dating websites. The only question is, are you ready to access the #1 site for men and women looking for more out of life? Simply click the links below to get started now as a free user.

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Amazing Features Secret Benefits Users Can Enjoy

Here are just a few features that users can enjoy for free on SecretBenefits. Stop messing around on regular dating sites, and join the #1 dynamic online meeting place where quality women are seeking a sugar daddy.

Secure Sugar Dating

All personal user data we collect, chat threads, and user profile content is encrypted with bank-grade security.

Global Network

Search for a personal partner in any country, region, state or city. It's never been this easy to find a perfect partner.

Quick Signup Process

Simply answer 3 questions, pick a username, and verify that you're over 18 and upload 2 photos to instantly start meeting members.

Manage Multiple Sugar Babies

It's easy to manage interaction with multiple partners without getting your lines crossed. No need to only see one person.

No Ads Ever. Full Stop.

On the contrary, our app is completely free of annoying ads and popups.

Browse Member Photos and Videos

Our revolutionary matching service works on any device or browser. Enjoy member photos in ultra HD 4k on any device.

Earn Credits When you Communicate

The more you send messages to other members, the more free credits you earn to spend on private member photos!
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Looking to be a sugar daddy?

Whether you're already a sugar daddy, or not, becoming a sugar daddy can give you the flexibility of being single, without the mess of traditional dating. If you're the type of guy who knows what you want, and aren't afraid to get it, then in the time it takes you to check your email you find exactly what you want, and could be meeting up with your new sugar bunny on SecretBenefits.

Paid for other sugar baby sites or services and were let down? It doesn't matter!

If you don't take advantage of this free sugar dating website, you're literally missing out on the highest quality girls that are looking for guys, just like you. Don't miss out.

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Looking to be a sugar baby?

Tired of traditional dating, or dating guys your own age, that are a huge let down? Dating men without money is like missing out on all the experiences you deserve. If you're ready to experience the world with generous and successful men, then read every word on this page.

Stop swiping through clowns on Bumble and meet the mature man of your dreams. Who doesn't want a little sugar in their life. Whether you're looking for help with bills, tuition, or just want to go shopping, this website could be the missing link that changes your life forever.

Why stay in a boring relationship, when you can meet a sugar daddy anywhere in the world? Wouldn't you rather let our sugar matching services take the hard work out of finding the exact kind of man with wealth that you're looking for?

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Rules Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies Live By:


Don't Ask, Don't Tell

What happens on Secret Benefits, stays on secret benefits.

Always Keep it Classy

Secret benefits is for wealth men and attractive women only.

Treat Users with Respect

Be open and honest about the relationship you're seeking.
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Secret Benefit Success Stories

Don't take our advice, if you're looking for more information to see if SecretBenefits is right for you, just ask the thousands of sugar daddies and sugar babies that started their new dream relationship on our revolutionary new app.
Jenny B, Secret Benefits user

I was tired of dating guys my own age, most of them either complete slobs or assholes full of themselves. Me and my best friend signed up for Secret Benefits last summer to see what it was all about. I went on a date with a few guys and then met Ted, and older man and my new boyfriend on secret benefits. Finally, I'm dating an older guy that actually treats me with respect (and has money to pay for things). It'e been going great for about a year. It's like night and day, I couldn't be happier, so glad I found this website.

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Craig S, Secret Benefits user

I'm a divorced single dad, and honestly don't have time to play games on Tinder. I make good money, and don't mind spoiling a woman, so long as she's not a total gold-digger. I tried secret benefits and was shocked at how many women were online in my area, and how much easier it was than traditional dating apps. Paid for just 10 credits, and now I'm have two relationships, of course with benefits, for the both of us. This app is huge time saver and actually has the type of sugar babies that aren't on other sites. Many thanks to whoever made this great service and the easy-to-use credits system!

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Still Have Questions?

Just visiting this site for the first time and seeking answers? No Problem! Plenty of people have questions before joining Secret Benefits. Read below to see answers to some frequently asked questions and guidelines.

Is Secret Benefits a Legitimate Website?

It's surprise you might be asking, is secret benefits legit. Secret Benefits, a controversial new app, is absolutely a legitimate website. Thousands of new relationships with benefits start everyday on our revolutionary social network. It's no surprise that Secret Benefits has been awarded the best sugar dating website of 2021 by fast companies.

How much does Secret Benefits Cost?

Do you have to pay for secret benefits? Secret Benefits is free to join, however if you'd like to purchase premium features such as viewing profile's private albums, videos, or browsing in-cognito you can buy credits. The credits system is the virtual currency that Secret Benefits run on, and depending on whether you buy in bulk, could be as cheap as 29 cents per credit. Credits are an easy way to pay only for what you need. For a monthly fee, you can unlock unlimited messaging.

Does Secret Benefits Have Fake Profiles?

No Secret Benefits does not contain fake users. A strict process is followed to vet all new signups and weed out fakes. Please note, if you suspect a profile may be fake or have malicious intentions, please report it to our 24/7 profile team. And while we make every effort to keep fake users off our website, be sure to use your best judgement when evaluating a profile. People often use outdated pictures or pictures with camera filters to change their appearance.

How to Delete Secret Benefits Account?

Tried secret benefits, and it's not for you? Or maybe you've found that special someone and no longer need the app. You can easily erase your secret benefits account by navigating to the "Edit My Profile" tab in the top right corner. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click "Remove My Profile" and your profile will be removed effective immediately from our dating service.

Still Have More Questions?

Don't hesitate to contact with our support staff by sending over an email or using our contact us page. One of our company support representatives will service and address your comments, questions, and concerns as fast as possible. For questions regarding the credit system please submit a support ticket.